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This trash the dress wedding photo was taken at the Diplomat Hotel

Pictures from a Diplomat Hotel wedding.

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Amanda and Jordan had a beautiful Diplomat Hotel wedding complete with beautiful flowers, a scrumptious wedding cake, and a day filled with a gentle cool breeze and plenty of sunshine.  It was a picture perfect day for this South Florida wedding photographer and a classy bride and groom.

Bride getting ready for her wedding at the Diplomat Hotel.
If you are looking for the best ocean view for your wedding pictures then having a Diplomat wedding is a no brainer.

What a wonderful event this was! I asked Amanda why she and Jordan selected the magnificent Diplomat Hotel for their wedding and they said that the place just made them feel happy when they walked in the door! They were drawn to the brightness of the hotel, the interesting architecture and the beautiful pool and beach areas that they knew their guests would enjoy. Also, they were impressed with the stellar staff at the Diplomat Hotel as well, which was a key factor in their decision to have their wedding there.

Bride and Groom posing at the Diplomat Hotel in Broward County.
Finding great places to take wedding pictures is easy at the Diplomat Hotel. Both of these photos were taken in the hotel lobby.

BELOW:  One of my favorite parts of wedding photography is the “First Look”  This one took place in the walkway that runs between the main hotel and the ballrooms.  Because this part of the hotel has floor the ceiling windows on both sides the lighting is perfect no matter which way the bride and groom are facing.  I got a bit artistic with these photos. Both were taken in color. After the wedding, during the editing of the pictures I decided to make the pictures sepia but keep the flowers in color.  I think this is a really cool look.   South Florida is such a popular place for weddings and as a photographer in this competitive market I’m always looking for ways to create images that are unique and special.  I hope you like these two. 

Creative wedding picture taken during the first look at the Diplomat Hotel.
During the first look I make sure I get plenty of different photos. During this first look I shoot the groom with the bride in the background then the bride with the groom in the background, followed by lots of picture of the key special moment.

As a South Florida wedding photographer, I have photographed many Jewish weddings at the Diplomat Hotel and also the Diplomat Country Club. Both venues are prime locations for weddings here in South Florida due to their great location, fabulous grounds, top-notch food and of course, the attentive catering staff. Amanda and Jordan’s affair was a traditional Jewish wedding, with all of the festivities one would imagine – including the hora, blessing of the challah, or “motzi”, the bedecken, and of course, the breaking of the glass.

Grooms face photo taken the very second he sees the bride.
Catching the grooms face the moment he sees the bride is one of my favorite photos. Getting this shot is critical when photographing a South Florida wedding.

Most weddings I have photographed at the Diplomat have actually been destination weddings, with the bride and groom living out of state. Amanda and Jordan live in Washington D.C. for example, but having grown up in South Florida, this was a natural choice as a place for their destination wedding. 
Jordan and Amanda have known each other since they were babies – just amazing. They were close as little ones, and then grew apart due to living in different neighborhoods and attending different schools. Their paths crossed again in college, as they both attended the University of Florida. Their renewed friendship soon turned to romance and the rest is history.

Creative wedding picture taken at the Diplomat Hotel.
This infrared wedding picture was taken on the back walkway at the Diplomat hotel.

ABOVE: Being creative with my South Florida wedding pictures sometimes requires using an alternative photography process.  One such process is called infrared.  Infrared photography is unique and provides a completely different look than straight black and white photography.  During a wedding one of my goals is to produce photos that look unique and odd an extra boost of creativity to the couples pictures.  If you would like to see more of my infrared wedding photography check out some of these links: Infrared wedding picture taken at the Broken Sound Country Club.   Creative infrared wedding picture taken at The Palms Hotel.    Infrared wedding picture taken at The Ocean Reef Club.


Creative wedding picture taken in Broward County
Always on the lookout for a unique photo opportunity I love escalators and couples that are aggressive when it comes to having fun infront of the camera.
Bride and Groom action photo taken at the Diplomat Hotel.
Same shot taken from a different angle. It took several takes to get this shot but the bride and groom certainly didn’t mind.
Bride and Groom wedding photo taken in the Diplomat hotel Lobby
Having an attractive couple to photograph sure helps make a wedding photographers job easy.
Wedding party posing at the Diplomat in Broward County.
Working with a large wedding party is always fun. Whenever I photograph the wedding party I always take a variety of unique and fun images.

I shot this really large wedding party photo while standing on a wall which gave me the extra height needed to get these unique angles. Whenever I’m photographing a South Florida wedding I take pictures from a variety of different angles.  I have always found that using a high angle allows me to get everyone heads close together.  I shot this in color and converted this image to sepia later.  The couple received both the color and sepia images.

Family wedding photo taken at a Broward County wedding.
During a wedding it’s important to allow enough time to take plenty of pictures including lots of family photo.

When photographing a wedding it’s important to capture all the required pictures.  These include pictures of the bride and groom getting ready, the first look, lots and lots of bride and groom pictures and all the family photos.  Before the wedding I always talk with the bride and groom about this family pictures that need to be taken.  There are the standard photos that should be taken during a wedding.  These include the Bride and her parents with family and the groom and his family.  Sometimes there are a lot of additional family members that need to be photographed.  When I find that there are lots of family members and other relatives I also as for a family photo shot list.  Having shot so many South Florida weddings I’m aware of the pictures that need to be taken.  However once I hear about aunt Jane, Uncle, Dan, the Brides sister’s husband and kids I start thinking we will need a list.

Wedding Picture taken at the Diplomat Hotel in Broward County
Bride and groom wedding photo taken in South Florida.
I always thing the use of patterns makes an nice photo. By having the bride and groom get comfortable in the guests chairs I was able to shoot this high angle photo.

Amanda’s dress was from Priscilla of Boston, as were the bridesmaids dresses, mother of the bride’s dress and all accessories. For her shoes, Amanda selected a “fun and flirty” style as she put it. For the scheme of her wedding, Amanda didn’t want particular strong colors dominating either the ceremony or reception. The ceremony featured more muted colors and then there was more of a pop of color introduced in the reception décor. In addition, uplighting on the walls added to the atmosphere as well. As Amanda commented, the Diplomat Hotel is so beautiful that there wasn’t much needed to make it special. One additional theme was the bows and rosettes on Amanda’s dress, the bridesmaids and flower girls dresses and baskets as well as the cake.

Broward county wedding picture taken at a Beach Hotel.
It’s always a plus when the bride brings some props to her wedding. This custom umbrella added an element of fun to the photography.
The beautiful flowers at a South Florida wedding.
The flowers at this beautiful Diplomat Hotel wedding were provided by Dalsimer Flowers.
Wedding flower and decor photos taken inside the diplomat hotel ballroom.
The high ceiling and beautiful lighting inside the Diplomat Hotel ballroom went perfectly with the couples choice of flowers and decor.
Close up pictures of decor and a wide shot of the Diplomat Hotel Ballroom.
These wedding pictures taken in the Diplomat Hotel’s ballroom convey how beautiful this ceremony room looked at this Broward County venue.
Emotional wedding photos taken in South Florida.
It’s important to capture emotional wedding pictures during the reception toasts.

When shooting people giving toasts my goal is to get great expressions and really good lighting.  It’s a huge plus if I could prevent myself from being too distracting.  One way I achieve this is by bouncing my flash off the the ceiling.  By using bounce light the light is dispersed and doesn’t actually hit the speakers eyes.  I wait until the person talking pauses, then I take the picture.  I also keep an eye on the bride and groom because chances are there is a good emotional shoot coming in the future.

Wedding cake photo taken at the Diplomat Hotel.
Wedding cake picture taken at the Diplomat Hotel in Broward County

I love taking wedding cake pictures!  This one looks especially pretty.  The action that takes place during the cake cutting always makes for great pictures.  Some wedding cakes have lots of unique details making the photography really interesting.

Wedding cake picture taken at a South Florida wedding.
Close up wedding cake photos taken during a Diplomat Hotel in Broward County
Wedding Picture taken at the Diplomat Hotel in Broward County

Amanda and Jordan also wanted to do a “trash the dress” shoot on the morning following the wedding. We had an absolute blast shooting at the Diplomat Hotel! We utilized both the beach and fabulous pool areas for this shoot.

South Florida trash the dress wedding photo.
The morning after the wedding I met the bride and groom in the hotel for the purpose of taking Trash the Dress pictures.

The bride and groom decided that after the wedding the bridal gown would be donated to a charity that provides gowns to future brides that can’t afford to purchase gowns.  However, before parting with her dress the bride and groom decided to take some really fun pictures in the hotel pool and in the ocean while dressed for the wedding.   This was a really fun photo session.  I just love it when a get to photograph a couple that is so excited to have me take unique wedding pictures!

As a South Florida wedding photographer taking unique images is always a thrill.
A bride who is willing to lie down in the wet sand while wearing a bridal gown gets my vote. The fact that both the bride and groom were so enthusiastic about taking awesome wedding pictures resulted in me getting these fantastic shots.
Wedding Picture taken at the Diplomat Hotel in Broward County
The perfect closing shot for a wonderful South Florida wedding!