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This couple had their elopement at the Eau Palm Beach. Located on the ocean this venue offers a wide range of photographic opportunities. Pictures can be taken indoors around the lobby and beautifully decorated walkways. The hotel spa named the Eau Spa is simply gorgeous and great for creative pictures.

South Florida Elopement Photographer

If you are planning an secret wedding then this article on South Florida elopement photography is a great read. Packed with useful information let this blog post on South Florida Elopement…

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This posed action picture was taken at the Eau, Palm Beach. As a South Florida based photographer, I shoot lots of weddings in Palm Beach. For this photo I wanted to convey drama and action. By photographing the bride and groom against the back-lit spray of water from the Eau's pool fountains I was able to convey drama. For the action part, I asked the groom to kiss her hand and then look at each other and laugh after the kiss.

Tips for posing.

HOW TO POSE FOR AMAZING WEDDING PICTURES - EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT A MODEL Every newlywed couple has one or two of their best wedding pictures hanging on their…

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