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What people say about Jeff Kolodny Photography

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Hi Jeff,    Thank you for sending…pics look great and friends are drooling over your talent.  Kristen

Worth Avenue photo session.
Kristen and Jett – I photographed their wedding 5 years ago at the Boca Raton Resort and Club. Since their wedding they have traveled to Florida from their home state of Texas several times. Every several years they hire me to take an new set of couple pictures. These were taken around Worth Avenue and Palm Beach.

Jeff covered every single aspect of our wedding day.  We had forgotten so many details about our wedding because being a bride pulls you in so many different directions.  But when we look back at the pics he gave us – we were overwhelmed with how much he captured.

Our entire family is in awe of the creativity and spontaneous pictures we received. His  photo-journalistic style photos are fantastic!  If you go with Jeff Kolodny Photography, you will not be disappointed!!!

My wedding photos are the best part of my wedding!!  We had a upscale wedding at a beautiful private mansion by the ocean. I expected that I would get about 600 nice images. What I got was well over 1100 amazing images.

Jeff is a superstar!  He photographed our wedding day which passed by so quickly   Jeff got the most amazing shot of myself with my parents getting ready to walk down the aisle,  that black and white photo still brings tears to my eyes. The picture of my husbands face the first time he saw me in my wedding dress I will always cherish)

I highly recommend Jeff Kolodny Photography.  If you want the most beautiful and creative wedding pictures in the world, along with the best team to work with call Jeff.  He and his team will make you feel relaxed & confident while he photographs you on your wedding day.

Jeff was a complete professional, he took extra time to make sure each moment of our wedding day was captured to the fullest. His work is amazing! He also explained everything so clearly.  We really got way more pictures than what we hoped. All the guests kept remarking how polite and focused he was. He worked tirelessly and our photos all turned out STUNNING!

I can’t even look at my wedding pictures without getting emotional. Because of Jeff, I have the most amazing pictures!  I can’t put a dollar value on these “Priceless Memories” that are framed all over my home.

Jeff was so kind and nice as well as professional.  He captured every moment of our wonderful day. We never felt rushed or pulled away from the festivities, yet he did not miss a single shot.  His attention to the details from Jennifer’s wedding shoes to the delicate mantilla her mother purchased from her trip to Spain

On the day of my wedding, he was extremely pleasant with my bridal party. He took control and was stern but he was also gentle with all of his directions. I’ve been a bridesmaid before and other wedding photographers have just been SO mean and rude but, Jeff made everyone feel relaxed and comfortable.

Comment from a South Florida Bride

Dear Jeff, 
There is so much I would like to express at this moment…. 
Words will not do it justice. 
The photos of Yari and Jeff’s wedding are sooooooooooo beautiful! 
In the midst of all the commotion, you captured the essence of what our families and the bride and groom were feeling…. Joy and Love!!!! 
I bless you and thank God for your gift! 
You heard the desires of our heart and produced more than we could hope for! The happiness and love of this special day was truly captured! 
I will highly recommend you! 
Jeanne and David 
Lydia (Yari’s grandmother

Delray Beach Wedding Picture

I wanted to extend my absolute and sincerest gratitude for your work on our wedding. As you are well aware I am a reluctant participant in photographs. You made the experience so pleasurable. Every time I think of your presence and demeanor I find myself welling up with emotion. I know we only knew each other a short time before the wedding, but I say with unflinching certainty that you were one of the largest components in making our wedding day as astonshingly wonderful as it was.  
Thank you for your work. You are an extraordinary man. 
All the best. 

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