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Wedding Picture from the Eden Roc Hotel, Miami Beach FL

Eden Roc Hotel Miami Beach Wedding.

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Check out these picture from Samantha & Amir’s Miami Beach Wedding at the Eden Roc Hotel!

Wedding Pictures taken at the Eden Roc Hotel in Miami Beach.
Wedding Picture from the Eden Roc Hotel, Miami Beach FL.  One of the top makeup artists is Rachel from Rachel’s brides.  You can visit her website here: Visit Rachel’s Brides here. Rachel is a highly skilled makeup artist who is also very dependable.  In the world of weddings, it’s important that your makeup artist is not only highly skilled, but is also dependable and understands the value of having the women photo ready at the required time.  Rachel is realistic when it comes to allowing enough time for makeup and always have her brides photo ready on time.

I recently photographed Samantha and Amir’s traditional Jewish wedding at the historic Eden Roc Hotel in Miami Beach. This couple, hailing from New York City, chose to have their destination wedding at one of the most well known hotels on Miami Beach. The Eden Roc Hotel has been open since 1956, with a slew of celebrities staying there in the 1950s and 1960s. These celebrity guests included Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, Elizabeth Taylor, Ann-Margret, Milton Berle, Sammy Davis Jr., Jerry Lewis and Harry Belafonte to name a few.  The hotel has been renovated in recent years and has even received an award for preserving some of its original design concepts during the renovation. The hotel resides on one of Miami’s main roads, Collins Avenue. It is also listed on the National Register as a historic landmark.

Bride and Bridesmaids posing at the Eden Roc Hotel
Bridesmaids in robes. This sepia toned wedding picture was taken at the Eden Roc Hotel.

Thanks to Jamie Lipman from The Absolute Event, this beautiful luxury wedding was picture perfect!  In addition to looking great in pictures all the guests had a amazing time.  Jamie was able to create a wedding timeline that allowed plenty of time for pictures, while still ensuring the bride and groom had a great time enjoying their wedding.  As a wedding photographer, working from a thoughtful and workable wedding timeline is critical.  Check out my article on the value of having a great timeline here:  The value of a great wedding photography timeline.

As a wedding photographer in Miami, I love taking these fun and unique photos.
Fun photo of Bridesmaids in their robes. Taken at the Eden Roc Hotel, Miami Beach FL  
Bride and Grooms first look at the Eden Roc Hotel.
Bride and Groom’s First Look at the Eden Roc, Miami Beach.   One of my favorite parts of wedding photography is the “First Look”. This is when the groom gets to see his bride in her gown for the first time.  It’s always an emotional moment.  

Samantha and Amir’s elegant wedding included some of the best vendors in the business – Petal Productions did an incredible job designing their décor, for example. Jamie Lipman-Rodriguez of Absolute Wedding & Event Planning expertly managed all the details for the day and made sure that all aspects of the wedding ran smoothly. Cassie Tichenor of Ivy & Lace and Rachel Shapiro of Rachel’s Brides ensured that everyone’s hair and make-up looked magnificent for the event. Ana Paz’s cake, as usual, was second to none in both looks and taste I am told.  The Hit Factory Band, Ben & Jerry’s, Sculptured Occasions and You Rock Photo Booths rounded out the team that contributed to making this wedding a success.

The bride looks awesome at her Eden Roc Miami Beach wedding.
Samantha looks stunning in the bridal gown.  This picture was taken at the Eden Roc’s more modern part of the hotel.  If you are looking for a historic wedding venue in Miami Beach, the Eden Roc is a great choice.  Since the Eden Roc was built in 1956 by the famous architect Morris Lapidus it has been considered one of South Florida’s most iconic wedding venues.   Today the Eden Roc offers a vintage atmosphere combined with an updated modern vibe.  

The Eden Roc Hotel in  Miami Beach is one of the most beautiful wedding venues in South Florida.  The modern looks of the hotel staircase are perfect for taking bride and groom and wedding party photos.  This hotel is unique because of it recent renovation.  The main lobby is updated Art Deco with a vintage flair.  The conference side of the hotel features this modern looking section.  Its the best of both worlds.  I have shot all kinds of special events at The Eden Roc.  Some have been corporate serious events and other corporate events have been more laid back and fun.

Bride and Groom kissing at the Eden Roc Hotel.
Sam and Amir share a moment together in the hotel lobby.
This South Florida bride and bridesmaids shot was taken at the Eden Roc Hotel.
Samantha and her bridesmaids share a group hug at the Eden Roc Hotel.

The couple mainly wanted photojournalistic type images, so that is mostly what I concentrated on throughout the event. The posed photos were sort of kept to a minimum, but I made sure to capture everyone and everything important that day. Of course, the Eden Roc Hotel itself provided an excellent backdrop for the photos and the weather was terrific that day as well, which is always a pleasure!

This South Florida beach wedding ceremony shows total personality.
Drinking the wine durning Samantha and Amir’s outdoor beach ceremony.
I love this Miami Beach wedding ceremony decor.
Wedding Picture from the Eden Roc Hotel, Miami Beach FL
Jewish beach wedding ceremony at The Eden Roc Hotel.
Wrapped in Sam’s grandfathers talit during their wedding ceremony.

Why should you hire me to photograph your wedding?   I have been taking pictures since I was 13 years old.. My father who was a heart surgeon was also a serious amateur photographer so I have been shooting and analyzing photo at an early age.  One of our family activities was, Slide show night”,  this is when my father would set up a slide projector and project all our vacation photos on a huge wall.  Some of these photos were fun family photos, others were action photos, and many others were creative scenic pictures.  We would spend time talking about each image, we gave thought as to what made a photo pleasing to look at.  We considered lighting, composition and exposure.  Once in high school I was spending time in the schools darkroom.  I also spent time learning movie making and electronics.  With all this experience it only makes sense that I attended college as a communications / photography major.  After I graduated with a BA degree, I moved to Los Angeles where I continued my career.  Over 20 years later I’m photographing over 50 weddings and events each year.   Because I have worked in the photography, film and video field for so long I have developed skills in several different areas of photography,  I’m skilled at portrait photography and know how to pose and also teach my subjects how to pose.  Teaching people how to pose in a way that is easy to understand results in pictures that look un-posed and more natural because the posing actually stems from the person being photographed.  Once the subject poses than it’s up to me to make a few small adjustments.  I’m also skilled at product photography, why does this matter?  It matters in weddings because my skill set in product photography gives me the tools required to get those awesome ring shots and beautiful decor and ballroom shots, after all you paid to make the ballroom look fantastic, you should have great photos of the ballroom.   I’m also skilled at capturing news and photo-journalistic  events.  This is important because spontaneous emotional situations happen, these photo opportunities happen fast and only last for a second or so.  Finally, I know weddings!   The fact that I know every aspect regarding what happens at a wedding, wether Jewish, Catholic, Indian, this gives me the ability to either create a great wedding timeline or work with your wedding planner to make a great timeline.   Add  to this the fact that I have to latest camera gear, best computers and amazing photoshop skills.  All the photography we produce is retouched or retouched and enhanced.  I’m also experienced in photo compositing, it a photography concept can’t be created in camera, I could use my photoshop skills to create the imagined image.   These are just a few reasons why you should hire me to photograph your wedding.  If you would like more solid reasons please give me a call at (561) 737-5561   While you are at it, read my reviews.

As a Miami wedding photographer I have received many awesome Five Star Reviews.  If you would like to read some reviews click this link:

Jeff Kolodny Wedding Wire Reviews

The Eden Roc Hotel ballroom looked amazing for this luxury wedding reception.
The beautiful reception decor was provided by Petal Productions.

Having a wedding in Miami is truly a special occasion. Aside from the wedding itself, Miami and Miami Beach have so much to offer guests who are staying in the area. The vibrant restaurant and club scene is just one aspect of what draws people to Miami for their wedding event. Guests of the wedding can always enjoy the world-class beaches all up and down the Miami coast and all the watersports that are offered as well. If they are staying a while, they can even take a short or longer cruise right from the Port of Miami to nearby Caribbean islands. Another fun day trip is heading out to the Everglades for a tour. Driving down into the Florida Keys is another great way to explore the area. This excursion is best done over a few days to really get the feel for the island chain that makes up the keys. You literally feel as if you are driving right into the Caribbean. It is a very scenic drive and all of the islands are a bit different. Overall, choosing Miami for your wedding location is a place you cannot go wrong with – and I am sure your guests will agree.

Check out this beautiful ballroom decor at the Eden Roc Hotel.
More fantastic decor shots.
Bride and Grooms amazing wedding cake.
You’ve got to love this unique cake topper!
Bride and her father dancing at this South Florida Jewish wedding.
One of my favorite father daughter dance photos.  Taken at the Eden Roc

Walking downs the stairs is a great way to get a bride and groom action shot and also show off the Eden Roc’s modern artsy stair case.  I’m really glad this couple was so much fun to photograph.  Samantha was a natural infant of the lens and Amir was some laid back and easy to photograph.   This stair case also provided a great place to get really fun group photos of the entire wedding party!

Did you know that we also provide wedding videography?  In addition to taking the wedding pictures for Samantha and Amir, we also shot the wedding video.  Our wedding videos include the full video which includes everything from getting ready to video of the first look, ceremony and toasts.  When you hire is to video your Miami Beach Wedding every part of your wedding is covered.  In addition to complete video coverage we also provide brides and groom with a shore highlight video segment.  The highlight video is a short video which is set to music and include the most meaningful dialog.  If you are interested in video as well here is the link to their highlight video.  Samantha and Amir’s Eden Roc Wedding Video

The staircase at the Eden Rock in Miami is great for Bride and Groom photos.
Wedding Picture from the Eden Roc Hotel, Miami Beach FL

More wedding pictures from the Eden Roc Miami below.

The Eden Roc is a very popular wedding venue for both Destination weddings and for people who live locally.  Over my past 15 plus years photographing weddings in South Florida I have shot lots of Eden Roc weddings.  Because I have worked at this venue so many times it only makes sense that I have a nice stash of pictures from this venue.  Most of the weddings I have shot at the Eden Roc have been Jewish weddings.  However, I have also shot Christian, Indian and other weddings at this hotel.  Below is a picture from an Indian wedding.

This Jewish wedding horah shot was taken at The Eden Roc Hotel.
Photographing Jewish weddings in Miami Beach is always fun and challenging. One of the most intense parts of the wedding reception is the wedding horah. This is a crazy photo taking time. During the horah wedding guests are dancing around in a circle spinning and using all kinds of traditional Jewish dance moves. The highlight of the horah is when the bride and groom sit in chairs and are lifted up by the dancing crown. This is really exciting to photograph. Yes, sometimes the bride or groom will fall off the raised chair. However, I have never attended a wedding where anyone has gotten hurt during a horah.

The wedding picture below was taken during the horah at a Eden Roc Jewish wedding.  I must have posted this photo someplace online because it was found by National Geographic and they called me wanting to use it for their kids publication.  I’m thrilled that National Geographic liked this photo enough to use it for publication.   In the future I will continue to post wedding pictures from this venue on my website.

About the Eden Roc,  If you are considering a wedding at the Eden Roc you are in for a treat in many different ways.  First the grounds of this Miami wedding venue are exceptional.  There are several pools and spas located around the hotel.  The beach which is located at the back of the hotel is clean and wide.  It is the perfect place to relax and unwind.  As a photographer these is not lack of picture perfect places to take pictures.  You can use many different background locations to make your pictures.  If you want a beautiful ocean background you can easily get awesome beach shots like the one in the above article.  If you are interested in greenery for backgrounds than the hotel has plenty of interesting landscaping which is perfect for picture taking.

BELOW: One of my favorite things about the Eden Roc is all the awesome places to take great pictures.  Every wall of this hotel has some sort of really cool artwork.  From fine paintings to sculptures and chandeliers that are really beautiful.  This part of the lobby wall has these really cool large lamp shades and a floor to ceiling mural.  A few years ago the Eden Roc had a renovations done to the lobby and the section of the ballrooms.  This made for some extra luxury inspired shooting locations.  As a South Florida wedding photographer I’m always looking forward to working at the Eden Roc, Miami Beach.

In addition to being a great wedding hotel the Eden Roc is also a great place for corporate events.  I recently wrote an article on Miami Corporate Events, some of the event pictures featured in this post were taken at the Eden Roc.  I have actually shot several really cool corporate events at this great Miami Beach Hotel.  Check out the link below:

Pictures from the Eden Roc included in the article.

Bride and groom kissing at their Eden Roc Hotel wedding.
Photo of bride and groom taken at the Eden Roc Miami This photo was taken in the hotels main lobby which has all kinds of cool and unique artwork. Working at the Eden Roc is always a treat for a South Florida wedding photographer because of all the great opportunities to make great images.


UPDATED ON 3-18-2020

BELOW: Here are some wedding album pages from another bride and grooms Eden Roc Wedding.  As a South Florida based wedding photographer I believe that the job is only finished when the bride and groom receive their beautiful custom designed wedding album.  When ever I photograph as wedding at the Eden Roc I keep in mind that I most likely will be making an album.  Because of this I make it a point to take pictures of the various patterns and textures associated with the wedding.  Notice the space around the pictures in the double page spread. By using part of the brides wedding gown as a background I was able to add extra interest to the album page.  About half of our couples include wedding albums with their photography packages.  I have found that our album couples take their wedding album designs very seriously.  Before we make an album me make sure the bride and groom get to review every album page to make sure that they are getting the wedding album of their dreams.  If you are on the fence about including an wedding album read this article I wrote on wedding albums: All about Wedding Albums

Eden Roc Miami Beach wedding pictures taken from a couples finished album
As a South Florida wedding photographer I believe that a great wedding photographer needs to finish the Job by presenting the bride and groom with a beautiful album.
This wedding album double page spread was created with pictures taken in side the Eden Roc Lobby
The Eden Roc Hotel lobby was the perfect place to take these wedding pictures. obviously to bride and groom agreed because these pictures made it into the album.
Eden Roc Wedding photos showing one of our custom album designs.
I believe that being a professional wedding photographer means that you could take care of your clients needs from start to finish. While taking great pictures is very important, making a finished album shows that you are a complete service professional.